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Detlef Jungfleisch


Consultant, coach and trainer for multinational companies in the field of analysis, optimization and strategy.

Parallel teaching and lecturing activities as guest speaker for multinational companies.

Member of the European Association for Supervision and Coaching.

Detlef Jungfleisch
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German, English, French, Spanish


1979-1985 – Law, Saarbrücken, Lausanne and Bonn.

May 1985 – First state law examination.

1986-1987 – Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA), Boston University.

January 1989 – Second state law examination.


until 1996 management functions in various multinational companies, most recently as Chairman of the Board of Directors of an international packaging group, London.

1996-1998 Consultant in Germany.

Sept 1998 founded EXECO Executive Management Consulting & Recruitment, Germany.

From 2002 foundation of EXECO AG, Switzerland.

Developing opportunities
Boosting potential
Managing future